Newest Inkheart Trailer

Yesterday LA Times published their Holiday Films Sneak Peaks, yet omitted Inkheart (since it comes out after the holiday season).  Thankfuly, this movie is now officially being released and hopefully it will be amazing.  Books and films are two different art forms, but as long as this movie stays true to the spirit of the book I’ll be happy.  Pick up the Inkheart book now to read so you’ll be ready for the film come January.



With the release of Wall-E I have been thinking what my favorite Pixar movies are now. Each time there is a new Pixar movie in fact, I have reconsider the favorites. I do have to admit that I didn’t enjoy Ratoutville (and probably spelled it wrong too), but I probably should watch it again.

1) Incredibles
I do have to say, that I love the dynamics of the family in this movie. The story is well-written and the animation is great. C’mon, who wouldn’t want to be a stay-at home mom like Mrs. Incredible?

2) Monsters, Inc.
I just love the inventiveness of this movie. Who would have thought of a whole world of monsters? But maybe that is because I too had several nightmares (and still do).

3) Toy Story
I feel like I am not thinking about all of the Pixar movies, but I do love this movie. This was the first movie that I didn’t mind my younger siblings watching over and over again. “Reach for the sky…”

Wall-E is probably a runner up for my favorite Pixar movies. I love the heart of this film and can buy the propaganda of the piece. As a society we do consume much more than we can ever use or process. We waste so much. Especially here in America where more is always better.

Ah…I’m already re-thinking my favorite Pixar movies…time to publish the post.

Thoughts on Hulk – Revisted in Light of Hancock

Incredible Hulk

I originally wrote this post a few weeks ago when I first went to go watch Hulk. Since then I have watched it once again (thank you for siblings who give you a chance to re-watch fun films) and watched Hancock only yesterday. The best thing about Hancock, just to say this right off the bat, was the new Bond trailer. A bit cheesy but it was amazing (or awesome or any other empty word from our culture that used to mean incredible).

On Sunday we went to watch The Incredible Hulk and I was pleasantly surprised how much I loved it. I like it much more than Iron Man which I saw earlier this summer, and probably liked it just as much, if not more, as the Spiderman movies. But who can help but like Edward Norton? He really did make the movie. Without him, I am not sure I would have liked it as much. Liv Tyler was also not as annoying as her previous movies.

I can see how Hulk is seen not as being deep, but I would beg to differ. He portrays some qualities I feel are natural (essential) to man — for instance, man’s innate nature to protect. I remember how in the New Yorker, Hulk is seen as been shallow, but what I think is missed is that Hulk is not about solidifying a pre-existing character from an older movie. This Hulk movie was created to forget the awful previous movie. Beginnings are essential to understanding the character. History is necessary. I love the beginning scenes in Brazil because it shows the passion that Bruce (by the way, never name your child Bruce — it is an horrible name) has to cure himself. The next best scene is at the end when he turns on his “green” (becomes hulk? I am not well versed in super hero language) himself. Hulk is a movie of a journey from first getting the “disease” to seeing how it can controlled and used for good.

Sure, Hulk may not be the best movie out there and it is yet another superhero movie, but I find that I like the “human qualities” of this film. And compare that to the recent attempt at a superhero movie “Hancock” where they try too hard to make the story more complicated then is necessary, Hulk shines. It’s not about complication alone, it’s about the ideals that the story writer is trying to set. Superhero stories originally were created to give us something to aspire to, not just to write a fast-paced, action orientated, with a bit of love and angst thrown in kind of a story. Hancock missed this and tried to drum up some kind of concocted mess that left the second half of the film hanging (which happened in Smith’s other latest movie – I Am Legend). This is why Hulk succeeded and Hancock failed. Though I may just be a sucker for tough men with blue eyes.

Photo credit: Alternative Film Guide