She pluck'd…

Happy 400th Birthday John Milton!

Some of the birthday celebrations:

Exhibition at the Bodleian Library

Exhibition at the Cambridge Library

Podcasts of an all-day reading event of Paradise Lost

List of numerous events that have taken place throughout 2008 in England in celebration of Milton

I intend to sit back and read major portions of Paradise Lost today.  I recently just acquired a large hardback illustrated version of Paradise Lost complete with Gustave Dore’s pictures.  It is gorgeous.  The cover has the picture of Satan overlooking the Garden for the first time.  Perhaps my favorite picture of Dore’s, and its amusing to see the reaction of others as at first they think its beautiful, but are shocked to find its Satan overlooking the Garden.  If it wasn’t for papers that were due tomorrow, I’d try to read the entirety of Paradise Lost over again.  I think it would be my fifth or sixth time completely through (does not include partial re-readings).



Favorite Picture/Site of the Day

I spent all day yesterday (well, maybe not all day) looking the images at New York Public Library Online. They were amazing. This my favorite picture and if I had money to spend , I would purchase it.

. . . . the Stars / That natur... Digital ID: 1610073. New York Public Library

From John Milton’s Comus
“the Stars / That nature hung in Heav’n, and fill’d their Lamps / With everlasting oil, to give due light / To the misled and lonely Travailer.”
The entire gallery of the illustrated manuscript of Comus