California Travels

This summer Brian and I have planned a small vacation to wander around California; to see what we haven’t seen before in all twenty plus years of living here.  Three spots we’re excited to see is the Monterey Bay Aquarium and Pt. Lobos, Jack London Ranch & Park, and Robert Louis Stevenson Park.  While discussing these places, we’ve realized that we have some reading to do.  For one, Brian has never read Cannery Row (Monterey Aquarium and Pt. Lobos).  And I have never read Treasure Island or Call of the Wild (yes, a gaping hole in my education).  So before we go we are to read the books.  Not your typical travel guide or adventure prep, but it felt necessary to us.

Brian has already finished Cannery Row (finished it in one afternoon right after we decided); and I have finished Treasure Island only to find that I have indeed read it before.  I think that as I have watched almost every movie adaptation that I have  forgotten the moment of reading this work.  It’s actually kind of sad.  I’ve been dragging my feet to Call of the Wild, being distracted with Kundera.  Hopefully by the end of the week, I’ll have it done and will write about my first experience with Buck.


Big Read: Call of the Wild

Call of the Wild

This year Huntington Gardens in Pasadena is spear heading a month long Big Read event. The book they chose was Call of the Wild by Jack London. Being that Jack London is a favorite author, I can’t help but be more than pleased. Several groups in Pasadena and Glendale will be joining in Huntington Garden’s events. Throughout Pasadena and Glendale you can find events at the local libraries, bookstores, and the Huntington Gardens of course. The events range from book discussions, film screenings, lectures and several children events. My favorite is the displaying of a dogsled and how it works. Visuals are great for when reading a story, especially if it is set in a place like Alaska. Unfortunately, some events do happen during the daytime, but there are plenty of events that happen in the evening and on the weekend as well. I can’t wait to join Huntington Gardens and Pasadena to read Call of the Wild.

Schedule of events during the month of October