Besides picking out colors and flowers, I have been trying my best to do some reading as well to prepare for the next stage in life.  One of my favorite books thus far is What is a Family by Edith Schaeffer.  I put off reading it only because I thought it would be dry and difficult (and after reading theory? I know…), but I couldn’t enjoy it more.  One thing that was especially thought-provoking and immediately applicable was that there are no “Wedding planning time” or “School time” but that time generally runs in one line.  We don’t get the blessing of having boxes of time.  Life just happens.

And so it did last Friday when I got in a minor car accident.  I first wanted to complain because a car accident was the last thing I wanted while I am busy working, doing school, and planning a wedding.  That is when what I just read that morning came back to mind.  Thankfully it was a minor car accident and I should have my car back in a couple weeks.  Though I was able to have a rental car which is much nicer than my own, so I’m not sure I want my car back.