Site of the Day

Now this is incredible.  But, I don’t think I’d want it my kitchen.  The colors are wild.  And yet, it’s made of Legos!

A Lego Kitchen Island

And look for the Lego head in the background.  That is cool.  You can miss it easily with the island.


Finally…soon…a home

This week Brian and I were finally able to get two couches and a coffee table.  Our home is now finally beginning to feel like a home.  And it is great to be able to watch movies sitting on a sofa rather than sitting in kitchen chairs.  So far my goal of mostly decorating our house with second-hand items is working.  We only bought our bookcases new, but then again, my books are dear to my heart.

I saw this today on Design*Sponge.  If our condo was ours, I may be tempted to paint the floors too.  I would probably paint the living room floor in a shade of blue.  It may beat getting a rug later.

And Canada is publishing a book of L.M. Montgomery’s that has not been published before.  It was her last finished work; a ninth book in the Anne series.  However, the publisher says it is dark and rather sad.  I’m not quite sure I want to read, but I know I will once it comes out this Fall.