Art Night Pasadena

Dying Wishing Tree

Dying Wishing Tree

Friday night Brian and I went to the Jack London: Myth and Maverick (PDF link) at the Pasadena Central Library.  What we didn’t know until that day, was that the library’s event was just a part of a bigger Art Night in Pasadena.  So, after seeing a mildly amusing portrayal of Jack London and his life, we hit the streets of Pasadena.  We saw Yoko Ono’s wishing trees first.  I was rather sadden by the appearance of these trees.  The notion of hanging wishes on a tree is a Japanese tradition during a summer festival.  People will hang their wishes on trees so that perhaps the gods will bless them.  This display of wishing trees was not much different, except with it being Art Night there were hundreds of wishes on these small little trees.  So many wishes in fact that the wishes were causing the branches to lean over and the tree to die.

After seeing the trees we wandered back to where we parked, stopping only at the Pacific Asia Museum.  I’ve never been inside the Pacific Asia Museum and since it was free that night, what better time to stop?  We were both a little tired for wandering around a museum (perhaps that is why museums are not open very often at night?), and really appreciated the statues carved out of jade.  The intricate work and the green color was fascinating.

In the end we didn’t go to all the different spots for Art Night.  About all the museums in Pasadena participate in Art Night, besides a couple other public places offering free events.  Art Night actually happens in the Fall and Spring, so perhaps the Spring event offers more outdoor events (which was what Brian and I were hoping for).

Brian and I go do a lot of day trips and special events like Art Night.  With both of us liking travel and adventures, it is kind of exploring the place we live.  In the past we’ve gone to Santa Cruz (for one day — ten hours of driving!), Pismo Beach, Channel Islands, San Diego, and even Disneyland.  We just love going places and exploring new things (or something we were previously unaware of).  Later this month we are planning to go to Disneyland (not that exotic, but I love it) and Yucaipa to see the apple farms in San Bernardino.  It keeps us a little busy and often tired during the week, but we do love it.