Dark Knight

Friday I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to see Dark Knight at all this upcoming weekend because I was one of those ignorant ones who thought I could at least still get a ticket for a Saturday morning show.  Last night I was even more worried as I saw that all tickets were sold out in L.A. for the entire weekend.  Even the 3 A.M. showing in Santa Clarita (the city that goes to sleep at 8 pm) is sold out. And  yet, one semi-local theater (in Pasadena) had tickets available still for the midnight showing.  Hooray!  Ignorance is not always a curse.

Dark Knight’s marketing has been great. Even before Heath Ledger’s death, the movie was catching more and more people’s fascination. And then when Heath Ledger died, all the heartbroken young adults, the ones who grew up with Heath Ledger in “Ten Things I Hate About You” and “Knight Tale”, who before had a slightly more than passing interest in the movie were suddenly captivated. Yes, as much as the movie alone can build up excitement, we are still morbidly interested in any links between Heath Ledger’s last completed role and his untimely death. But that I think everybody already knows.