ALA Annual Conference

I missed the Book Expo. I’m a little disappointed, but not much because I refrained from truly knowing the extent of what I missed. Today I signed up for the ALA Annual Conference in Anaheim and have spent the morning browsing the wiki trying to see what I got myself into. If I had more time and money, I’d go all four days, but as it is, I think I may just be visiting Friday evening and Saturday. As daunting as the conference may seem, I’m excited. I have always enjoyed conferences though — wading through the exhibit halls and attending lectures. Maybe its because I’m a nerd, but I love it. At the end I may have a couple bags stuffed with various materials that I will have to find time to sort through, but I think I’ll still be happy that I went. Especially as next year the conference will be in Chicago (not that I will mind going to Chicago, as long as I also get to go to a game at Wrigley’s).