Beginning of a new semester

You may have noticed that the posts are beginning to lag again.  Well, classes has started again.  I have started my fourth semester in my MLIS program.  This semester I am only taking six units: History of Books & Libraries and Digital Asset Management.  There has been quite a bit of reading, but not too much.  Mostly I find myself reading books from my own reading list.

My favorite class thus far is History of Books & Libraries.  This week we have been studying about Medieval Libraries and the teacher posted this YouTube link to give a glimpse of what a scriptorium is like (from the movie The Name of The Rose which I haven’t seen, but I’ve read the several times).

Don’t watch the movie, but read the book.  It is a great novel about monks, books, and art.  I liked it much better than Follet’s Pillars of the Earth (though that book too was fantastic).  As years pass, I find that I like the Medieval and Renaissance periods the best in literature and history.  But I should have known this as my childhood hero was Robin Hood (and not just for his ideals, but for the time period he was living in).


Measure of Silence

It has been quiet here for a couple weeks now and I apologize.  Items to report:

#1:  I’m finished with another class!  The scripts of Medieval Manuscripts was a fascinating class at times, but by the end I was ready for it to be over.  I am not sure if it will help practically in my career, but it was interesting to see more closely the development of manuscripts and books.

#2:  Only a couple more weeks of classes, and I’m ready to be done.  It’s been a good semester, but I’m done with the introductory classes.

#3:  Brian and I are engaged!  We took engagement pictures on Saturday at the Huntington.  The weather and gardens was beautiful.  We literally took pictures in every garden, the catcus garden, rose garden, Japanese garden, jungle garden, except for the Chinese garden.  While the Chinese garden is beautiful in its own right, it is a new garden and many of the plants are still young.

Thanksgiving is this week and I’m looking forward to the chance to relax some.  More than likely I will add things to the schedule, but it will be nice to not work.  On Wednesday, the library will be open, but we’ll be decorating for Christmas.  I’m excited and yes, Christmas music will be playing in the afternoon as is only appropriate for when one decorates any place for Christmas.

Classes for the Fall Semester

With my sister’s highschool graduation and Father’s Day it made for an exhausting weekend. Nevertheless, the time to register for classes was today; at 7 A.M. Since I am taking the classes online, SJSU has all online students register at once (or they can all begin at once at 7 A.M.). As any other student I wanted to make sure I got the classes I wanted and the only way I figured for that to happen was to get up extra early and wait on the website. At 6:59 A.M. I refreshed the “add classes” page every moment until finally the gates were open. And happily as a result, I got all the classes I wanted. Later when I checked to see if these classes were open, I found they were closed so my efforts paid off. For my first semester as a grad school MLIS student I will be taking:

1). Information and Society
2). Information Retrieval
3). Physical Makeup of Medieval Manuscripts (1 unit)
4). Medieval Manuscripts and Writing (2 units)
5). Online Social Networking: Technology and Tools (1 unit)

Obviously, I’m most excited about the Medieval Manuscripts classes. It will help the other classes not seem too awful.