Ramblings concerning Book Sculptures and Papertowns

Cara Barer Being a librarian, some may assume that I care deeply about the well-being of books.  Well, I do, but there are many books that I don’t care about.  Recently I came across this blog on the Art of Cutting Up Books.  It is fantastic.  For, what do you do with a Windows 95 how to guide?  What relevance may it have now?  It may have some for a very small proportion of the world’s population, but not a whole lot.  The images of the books are great.  But please, don’t take our books and make your own art.

Also, John Green put together a playlist for his newest book (still to be released) Papertowns.  It’s great.  Simply stated.  I can’t help but to enjoy the brilliance of Papertowns as I’ve been re-reading it again for a review I’m writing.  It is by far his best book (and only third, so it can only get better right?).

And perhaps because its the first day that feels like Autumn that I’m feeling nostalgic, but I want to re-learn how to draw from Ed Emberley. I remember as a child taking his books and teaching myself how to draw stick figure animals, trucks, trains, and monsters. I still remember how to draw the elephant — first start with a big letter D. Oh the joy of childhood.

photo from Cara Barer Photography (my favorite gallery online).