My Bookshelves

I should be studying, but am not.  I have one final tonight, another project due tomorrow that I need to turn in tonight, and other things.  Instead I find myself checking my Google Reader every half hour or so. Over at Papercuts today there is an entry about the well-stocked bookcase.  I just went through the process of cleaning out my shelves, which means that I got rid of about twenty books (Its like pulling teeth, getting rid of these books).  For my shelves, the constants have been since college: Coupland, Eco, Dillard, Austen, Dostovesky and Orwell to name a few.  Since then, others have joined like Cormac McCarthy, Marilynne Robinson, and John Green.  Some you can see, have just started writing in the last five years (ahem, Green).  Coming home to these books is refreshing at the end of the day.  Even if I don’t touch them or even see them clearly, I still find my heart warmed with the sight of my bookshelves.