Where has the time gone?


Since last weekend the time seems to have flown by. But probably because I’ve watched one too many movies or television shows. Since I was not allowed to watch X-Files when it first came out, I’ve been catching up before the next movie.  I’ve always been fascinated with the supernatural, and especially with the premise of X-Files.  And it didn’t help that when I was younger all my friends were in love with the show.  I’m almost done with season 1 and have loved it.  But like all good things its too easy to overdo it.  I watched the first movie of X-Files last night (even though I wasn’t there yet in the chronology of the show).  B helped me figure out new characters but for the most part I didn’t need help in enjoying this flick.  Fun as any other television show, but I still loved it.  Before I make myself sick on X-Files though, its time to take a break.

Besides frantic X-Files viewing, I’ve also been to see the new Batman movie.  It was also another fantastic thrill ride.  And thrill is the key word.  Heath Ledger stole the show with his acting and would have had many follow his every footstep if he were still alive.  Other than that, it was a fantastic thrill.  Wait, did I already say that?  Yes, the movie is only that, but it is amazing in that.  Probably the top of its genre, and I pity our culture if it becomes the top movie of all time, but I don’t think it will.  Maybe the top of action movies or incredible super-hero movies, but in light of other much more quality films, even Batman still falls slightly behind.

ugh.  Too prove that I have been reading too, I’m in the midst (closer to being done) of Gilead by Marilynne Robinson.  It is a book that is difficult to read fast.  I love it, but its not going to be finished quickly.  Also started Dictation: A Quartet by Cynthia Ozick and love it.  I love Ozick’s short stories.

Next week I hope to read more, watch much less, and maybe even relax.  Especially as it is now exactly one month until I start my MLIS degree.