Maybe I'm Morbid…

I had to laugh that the comic book Bunny Suicides was challenged at a school in the United States.  Actually I am surprised that it was at a school, but I can see many kids loving it.  Especially boys.  This delightful little comic book shows images of bunnies trying their best to commit suicide.  Suicide is a dark subject, I’ll admit that, but for some reason seeing these cute looking bunny rabbits finding different ways to do it is funny.  My favorite is an comic where there is a line of bunnies outside an airplane, waiting for their chance to jump through one of the engines (propellers? – I don’t know planes well).  The image does not stop there, but continues as out the other side of the engine are pieces of the bunnies.  None of this is color though.

The parent does see that these are comic, but she does hope that the library will hold the book behind the circulation desk and allow only highschoolers to check it out.  That may be appropriate, but I can see that junior high boys would love it too.


Censorship and Palin

Over the past few days the news about Palin banning books has been causing quite a stir. Time and New York Times both have been referred to as sources, but what puzzles me is the absence of any sort of facts.  Here’s the only facts I could find.

Fact #1: Palin asks Emmons (now Mary Ellen Baker) about banning books three times. Emmons gets very upset (Understandably, because banning books is a serious issue).

Fact #2: Emmons is fired, but rehired a short time later due to her popularity as a librarian.

Fact #3: Emmons resigns shortly thereafter and has not accepted any interview requests on this topic.

I have seen several book lists floating around, though none could be verified. Everything [even in the news stories] is speculation.  At the most, all I can say, is that is it wrong to ask what a library’s policies are? Palin did not push the matter any further. She did not submit any requests for books to be banned. I am not going to be following politics any further on this blog, but the nature of this story has me intrigued because book banning is close to my heart. I fight for books to be on shelves. But there is nothing to substianate this story yet except speculations. So here are my speculations: Palin asks about book banning policies (when Emmons is trying to get a new policy – or just instated a new policy – instated) and Emmons for a short time was fired. And Emmons and Palin did not get along.

Link to an article (from 1996 when this originally happened) from Achnorage Daily News & Frontiersman:


Anchorage Daily News

Story from the Boston Herald on the story (this time the piece does actually focus on the issue and not briefly mention it in one paragraph like Time and New York Times):

Palin asked Wasilla Librarian about Censoring Books