Bread Sacks

Once we came home from Italy, Brian and I began baking our own bread (or well our bread machine does most of the time).  Its been a great way to save money and the bread is delicious.  One problem I’ve had is finding the right way to store our own bread.  Being that we didn’t buy much bread, I didn’t have leftover plastic bread sacks.  Saran Wrap isn’t ideal because we eat bread everyday so reusing it that often just doesn’t work well.  So we chose to use ziplock bags, which the bread loaf can barely fit in.  The solution was not perfect.

This morning I found the above online:  Handmade Bread Sacks.  Because I’m a penny-pincher, I think I’m going home to make a bag or two perhaps with my mom (she has the sewing machine).  But they’re very cute and actually fairly inexpensive.  Below is the link to the Lady’s Farmer Market Shop (she has quite a few very cute things).  Check it out!

Lady Farmer’s Market at Etsy


Autumn rings

Fall can now come.  I have baked the first apple crisp for this season.  I did not have enough apples for a pie, so crisp would have to do.  Sadly, my mind was still recovering from the final I just crammed for, so I feel like this first apple crisp is going to be missing something.  Thankfully it has apples, so it should be good.