Losing Austen

What can get more ridiculous then this? By way of John Sutherland’s witty and biting blog about the newest Jane Austen television adaptation, Lost in Austen, I discovered this horror. Being as this is a presentation for UK only, the trailer for the show can only be viewed in the UK. But Americans can view the trailer on YouTube.

Through the trailer you can easily see that this new mini-series will capture the fancy of many young women. Especially those who desire nothing else but to escape their humdrum lives. And this show offers that escape. Ugh. Again, Austen boils down to nothing but a sexy romance for single desperate and lonely women. That is only the way our culture approaches the esteemed lady. If one were ever inspired to actually study her novels and life, they would see that Austen is far from just that stereotype.

It’s times like these that makes me sad to like Jane Austen. If only we could boil down all novels to sex and romance, then maybe our culture would read more? No, they’d still watch horrible television or movie adaptations. It’s much easier.