This Weekend…

…just flew by.

Friday I helped out at a seminar for Government Documents and the Web. Mostly I just tried filming each speaker. Before going I didn’t know much about Government Documents or the collection/maintaining of them, so it was a great learning experience. And I was even able to learn a couple new tips about technology. That afternoon I went to another seminar on Library Mashups, which essentially means trying to integrate users on the web with library resources. Or at least that is as much as I learned. With technology and its vast array of uses I have seen several different ideas and images of what mashedup libraries look like.

Saturday I picked up lots of books, some I may not ever read. I am most excited about getting an advance copy of John Green’s newest book Papertowns. I also managed to get John Updike’s book too. Probably getting a book signed by John Green was the highlight of the day. He was fun (whatever that means) and engaging. He even signed the six or more books that somebody had in front of me. That impressed me the most, but perhaps it was because we were still close to the front of the line. Writer’s cramp had not yet set in.

I have many thoughts about the weekend, libraries, and books, but it will have to wait. My throat is sore (from lack of sleep?) and it is making me cranky.


ALA Annual Conference

I missed the Book Expo. I’m a little disappointed, but not much because I refrained from truly knowing the extent of what I missed. Today I signed up for the ALA Annual Conference in Anaheim and have spent the morning browsing the wiki trying to see what I got myself into. If I had more time and money, I’d go all four days, but as it is, I think I may just be visiting Friday evening and Saturday. As daunting as the conference may seem, I’m excited. I have always enjoyed conferences though — wading through the exhibit halls and attending lectures. Maybe its because I’m a nerd, but I love it. At the end I may have a couple bags stuffed with various materials that I will have to find time to sort through, but I think I’ll still be happy that I went. Especially as next year the conference will be in Chicago (not that I will mind going to Chicago, as long as I also get to go to a game at Wrigley’s).