Long Way Down

Long Way Down - NatGeoAdventure

Just re-discovered Long Way Down. Ah. Here is the link that will give you a list of all the tracks on their soundtrack (and it’s six discs!). And they will be airing the episodes on National Geographic Adventure apparently (if you are blessed/cursed to have cable television in Australia/New Zeland). But, if you want to watch some now, check out the videos on the National Geographic Adventure website or go see it on the big screen at a local theater on July 31st 7:30 pm.

Reading Alastair Humphreys’ books again about bicycling the world, then reading websites on Charlie and Ewan’s adventures only makes me want to go. Thankfully I was able to go camping this last weekend in the great outdoors, but even these vacations feel much too short. Oh to be young and dream big.

photo credit: National Geographic Adventure