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I discovered this site today through Adagio’s TeaMuse.  While the information is limited, it is still fun to poke around.  The tea reviews is the best section of the site, with several different tea websites listed.  Still by far, I like Adagio the best as it has the largest selection and best prices.  And you can try your hand at blending teas at Adagio with their signature blends.  By creating a signature blend, you are able to earn points when others buy your tea so as to help you buy more tea (or just use it to get some more free samples).  And lately, I’ve been choosing tea over coffee, so hopefully I will completely give up coffee soon.


This morning was the first time in a week that I went to Starbucks and I realized that my regular cup (either an Americano or Carmel Macchiato) costs on average just as much as a sample tin of Adagio tea. And Adagio tea gives me more lasting pleasure than Starbucks.