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A quick word

I have finished my e-portfolio, the final project for graduation.  I am excited, to say the least.  It took me two and half months to write about seventy-five pages and collect class assignments from the past two years.  In all, the process was a good one as it had me reflect on my time at San Jose State University and the education I received.  A thesis may have been my first option, but the e-portfolio allowed for me to really think about the information profession as a whole and in the end that was a much better option for me.  I needed to be reminded about why I chose to be in this field, and where I want to go.

So where do I want to go next?  I am interested in pursuing a career in archives — specifically digital preservation.   Not immediately, but I am considering another degree, but this time one in English Literature.  While studying preserving our digital culture, I became fascinated with “humanities” — that one word that encompasses so much of our culture now.  But first, it’s Brian’s turn to be in school.  And I’m ever so ready for a break.