At the end

As today wraps up the end of the year (and decade), I too turn my thoughts to reflect upon what has happened.  In the past decade I have graduated from high school, college, and have started my MLIS degree.  I have also read more than I can imagine, made new friends, traveled, and got married.  With being married I have rediscovered my passion for cooking and food.  And I have found that I love Italy (especially Venice).  I’m planning to go back, to visit the Tuscany region, but probably not for a few years.

I don’t have many goals yet for the next year, but I do know that I want to make better reading goals.  In the past I just wanted to read at least fifty-two books.  This year I will be joining the community at fiftytwofiftytwo, where I will make some effort at planning out what I’ll read in the next year (with the help of Goodreads).

And I want to continue to adventure into cooking.  This past year I made my first tenderloin roast (I think this was one of the best meals I made), a rib roast for Christmas eve, and a pecan pie amongst other things.  This past week I read The Gastronomy of Marriage, and I am grateful that Brian and I eat most anything (even when it doesn’t turn out exactly right).  I am grateful too that we are in good health and have the same philosophies about eating.  We have learned we love Italian food and comfort food (who doesn’t?), though sushi or teriyaki eel are incredible too.  And since we’ve been married, we’ve made our own bread which is not only a money-saver, but also tastes much better.  So I will continue to develop techniques, learn about tools unheard of before to myself, and add to our recipe collection.

There’s more, as always, but these have been the two I have been thinking about the past few days.  Hopefully by the end of the year, I will have my degree done.  I can’t wait for this to be done, for even though I am learning more, it will be nice to focus the energy on my home, church, or career.  Tonight we’ll be celebrating the new year at home (as Brian has been fighting a cold the past few days) with homemade pizza or pasta, bruschetta, and some frozen carmelized onion and feta cheese pastry appetizers I picked up from Bristol Farms a couple weeks ago.   And New Years, we’ll be on the parade route to cheer on my brother as he walks in the Rose Parade.

Oh, and I plan to blog more again.