Finally…soon…a home

This week Brian and I were finally able to get two couches and a coffee table.  Our home is now finally beginning to feel like a home.  And it is great to be able to watch movies sitting on a sofa rather than sitting in kitchen chairs.  So far my goal of mostly decorating our house with second-hand items is working.  We only bought our bookcases new, but then again, my books are dear to my heart.

I saw this today on Design*Sponge.  If our condo was ours, I may be tempted to paint the floors too.  I would probably paint the living room floor in a shade of blue.  It may beat getting a rug later.

And Canada is publishing a book of L.M. Montgomery’s that has not been published before.  It was her last finished work; a ninth book in the Anne series.  However, the publisher says it is dark and rather sad.  I’m not quite sure I want to read, but I know I will once it comes out this Fall.


WorldCat Identities

WorldCat is trying something.  A search engine of sorts that will give a brief synopsis on different identities.  WorldCat Identities.

For instance, Jane Austen.  It will tell you a publishing history, list of widely held works (by libraries) about the identity, and works written by the identity.  Also, you can see how accesible the works can be with a scale that measures from kids to special.  One potential problem I can see with this is that the most widely held works don’t always necessitate the best books on that individual.  For most widely held works for Jane Austen the book list is:

Jane Austen’s Book Club is hardly a decent book on Jane Austen, nor is it a very good novel.  What would be better, if we are to educate people or help inform them of the best information about these individuals is not only to have a widely held list, but best recommendations.  Sure that can differ, but there are many books that can be agreed upon by a wide number of people as definitive books on different individuals.

This is only a beta version, but hopefully WorldCat will discover a way to incorporate a mechanism on filtering the best information, or perhaps this is where a librarian can assist.