Measure of Silence

It has been quiet here for a couple weeks now and I apologize.  Items to report:

#1:  I’m finished with another class!  The scripts of Medieval Manuscripts was a fascinating class at times, but by the end I was ready for it to be over.  I am not sure if it will help practically in my career, but it was interesting to see more closely the development of manuscripts and books.

#2:  Only a couple more weeks of classes, and I’m ready to be done.  It’s been a good semester, but I’m done with the introductory classes.

#3:  Brian and I are engaged!  We took engagement pictures on Saturday at the Huntington.  The weather and gardens was beautiful.  We literally took pictures in every garden, the catcus garden, rose garden, Japanese garden, jungle garden, except for the Chinese garden.  While the Chinese garden is beautiful in its own right, it is a new garden and many of the plants are still young.

Thanksgiving is this week and I’m looking forward to the chance to relax some.  More than likely I will add things to the schedule, but it will be nice to not work.  On Wednesday, the library will be open, but we’ll be decorating for Christmas.  I’m excited and yes, Christmas music will be playing in the afternoon as is only appropriate for when one decorates any place for Christmas.


Love of Books

Here is a documentary, Paperback Dreams, that I missed in the busyness of the past month, but it looks fabulous.  Independent Bookstore owners really share a common love with librarians, except that perhaps as one says in this trailer — they make the intelligent life fun.  As the rise of the internet kills many independent bookstores, films like this perhaps can help people see the other side of bookstores — a place to come, connect with others in your community, and retain an free spirit.

Paperback Dreams Trailer from abeckstead on Vimeo.

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I discovered this site today through Adagio’s TeaMuse.  While the information is limited, it is still fun to poke around.  The tea reviews is the best section of the site, with several different tea websites listed.  Still by far, I like Adagio the best as it has the largest selection and best prices.  And you can try your hand at blending teas at Adagio with their signature blends.  By creating a signature blend, you are able to earn points when others buy your tea so as to help you buy more tea (or just use it to get some more free samples).  And lately, I’ve been choosing tea over coffee, so hopefully I will completely give up coffee soon.

Newest Inkheart Trailer

Yesterday LA Times published their Holiday Films Sneak Peaks, yet omitted Inkheart (since it comes out after the holiday season).  Thankfuly, this movie is now officially being released and hopefully it will be amazing.  Books and films are two different art forms, but as long as this movie stays true to the spirit of the book I’ll be happy.  Pick up the Inkheart book now to read so you’ll be ready for the film come January.

Flurry of Activities

It has been busy for the past couple of weeks with homework and seeing people.  On Friday, October 25th, I received a great surprise.  Brett Butler, the baseball player, came to our school to talk to the local high-school and college baseball players.  As a child I avidly watched every Dodger baseball game on the television (at least all the games my mom would let watch).  This was back in the 90s, so the games were still good.  I loved watching Raul Mondesi, Hideo Nomo, Orel Hershier and other Dodger players, but my favorite was Brett Butler. I remember when he was first diagnosed with cancer and his comeback when everyone thought his baseball career would be over.  The night that Princess Diana died, I was standing in line at the local Target with my Brett Butler autobiography, praying that I’d have a chance to meet my hero.  Sadly, that was not the case and I was heartbroken.  Baseball, as a child, meant a lot to me.  So seeing Brett Butler up close and hearing him speak was monumental.

I also saw Marilynne Robinson later that evening.  She was witty and quiet.  The venue was amazing as it was an old theater in Santa Barbara.  She shared more information about Glory and her decision to return home that was not in her most recent book, Home.  These details just showed how much Marilynne Robinson was acquainted with her own characters and the hope of having another Gilead novel.

Last week I saw John Green again in Santa Monica (I saw him earlier at the ALA conference, but he was only signing books).  It was amazing.  John Green drew a crowd of not just highschoolers, but adults of all ages.  Admittedly, some adults were there with their children, but not many.  There were only a few (I could count them on one hand) who haven’t been faithfully tracking the Brotherhood 2.0 or was not a Nerdfighter.  The energy in the room was fueled mostly from John Green himself (which was surprising due to how long he’s been on tour) as he dressed up as Walt Whitman, threw marshmellow peeps into the crowd, and was relaxed  on stage as if he toured all the time.

Besides traveling up and down Los Angeles County, I have been working away at my classes.  In less than six weeks my first semester will be done.  After the middle of November I will have only six units, which will feel like a breeze after doing on average 10 units (hurrah for one and two unit classes!).  And as the stores don their Christmas decorations, I’m reminded that all too soon the homework will be over.