One Quote of the Day

“With simple sanity and a refreshing lack of flash, Mulder and Scully capably lay out the dull evidence: Our big summer movies are part of a plot to trash our minds. I want to believe Mulder and Scully are correct.” Hank Stuever on the new X-Files movie.

Link to Washington Post’s editorial review


NASA Images Archive

Yesterday, NASA revealed an online library of photographs, films, and video available to the public. For anyone who remembers their childhood, what a dazzling sight. Easily I could spend hours on this site looking at their fabulous photos. True, they selected the items, but what an immense resource to now be made available to the public. And this is only the beginning as for the next five years there will continue to be updates to the site and updates made to the design of the site. The image above is of a dying star.

Oh, and isn’t this ironic that it comes out right before the new X-Files movie? Just a funny thought.

Link: Nasa Images

edit: click on the box above to actually see the image.

Where has the time gone?


Since last weekend the time seems to have flown by. But probably because I’ve watched one too many movies or television shows. Since I was not allowed to watch X-Files when it first came out, I’ve been catching up before the next movie.  I’ve always been fascinated with the supernatural, and especially with the premise of X-Files.  And it didn’t help that when I was younger all my friends were in love with the show.  I’m almost done with season 1 and have loved it.  But like all good things its too easy to overdo it.  I watched the first movie of X-Files last night (even though I wasn’t there yet in the chronology of the show).  B helped me figure out new characters but for the most part I didn’t need help in enjoying this flick.  Fun as any other television show, but I still loved it.  Before I make myself sick on X-Files though, its time to take a break.

Besides frantic X-Files viewing, I’ve also been to see the new Batman movie.  It was also another fantastic thrill ride.  And thrill is the key word.  Heath Ledger stole the show with his acting and would have had many follow his every footstep if he were still alive.  Other than that, it was a fantastic thrill.  Wait, did I already say that?  Yes, the movie is only that, but it is amazing in that.  Probably the top of its genre, and I pity our culture if it becomes the top movie of all time, but I don’t think it will.  Maybe the top of action movies or incredible super-hero movies, but in light of other much more quality films, even Batman still falls slightly behind.

ugh.  Too prove that I have been reading too, I’m in the midst (closer to being done) of Gilead by Marilynne Robinson.  It is a book that is difficult to read fast.  I love it, but its not going to be finished quickly.  Also started Dictation: A Quartet by Cynthia Ozick and love it.  I love Ozick’s short stories.

Next week I hope to read more, watch much less, and maybe even relax.  Especially as it is now exactly one month until I start my MLIS degree.

New Ways of Tea

It has been some time now since I have first ordered tea from Adagio (and if you haven’t already gone, go!). Being a tea lover and a loose-leaf enthusiast, it was not difficult to fall in love with Adagio. Again, recently, I order (and re-ordered) some tea from Adagio. I saw the brown box on the table and I went to open it. Fragrant smells of mint mostly quickly rose as I opened the lid and took out the invoice. Each tea I took out separately and opened their lids to smell the fragrant tea. And each were amazing. If not for their fragrance, but their whole leaves and pieces of either fruits or flowers from which the tea was made. The most fragrant was the Casablanca Twist (it has some mint). Besides having a large abundance of tea to order, Adagio also offers the ability to create your own tea from most of their teas. I have spent hours looking at different users blends.  They vary from just picking flavors to events to pop culture.  I even discovered that some made a tea named after the Firefly series I love dearly (though I don’t know if their tea is how I think of Firefly).

This time I tried the creating and made a tea I named “Sherlock Holmes“. Yes, I am a nerd. In this particular tea I chose: gunpowder, vanilla and oriental spice. And the tea did not disappoint. If anything it reminded me of a pipe with its smoky, yet sweet fragrance. I can’t wait to make more teas to fit my fancy.

Becoming a Librarian

In just two more weeks I will have been the Circulation Manager for one year. To commemorate (well not really because these were ordered weeks ago and this was the first opportunity to order them), I received my business cards today. To the rest of the world, and who else may care, I now will look like an official employee of our library.

In just a little over six weeks, I will officially begin my MLIS degree. I have already started the reading for some of the classes and began outlining the chapters so I’ll remember what I read (especially since the books are textbook in size). I have already finished one assignment for the “how-to” technology class. I anticipate this semester to be boring except for the Medieval Manuscripts classes. But no career can come without some difficult spells. And after three years of little challenge, I can’t wait to be studying, writing papers, and taking tests again. Yes, I’m a nerd and love the academic atmosphere. At least so far…

Dark Knight

Friday I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to see Dark Knight at all this upcoming weekend because I was one of those ignorant ones who thought I could at least still get a ticket for a Saturday morning show.  Last night I was even more worried as I saw that all tickets were sold out in L.A. for the entire weekend.  Even the 3 A.M. showing in Santa Clarita (the city that goes to sleep at 8 pm) is sold out. And  yet, one semi-local theater (in Pasadena) had tickets available still for the midnight showing.  Hooray!  Ignorance is not always a curse.

Dark Knight’s marketing has been great. Even before Heath Ledger’s death, the movie was catching more and more people’s fascination. And then when Heath Ledger died, all the heartbroken young adults, the ones who grew up with Heath Ledger in “Ten Things I Hate About You” and “Knight Tale”, who before had a slightly more than passing interest in the movie were suddenly captivated. Yes, as much as the movie alone can build up excitement, we are still morbidly interested in any links between Heath Ledger’s last completed role and his untimely death. But that I think everybody already knows.


With the release of Wall-E I have been thinking what my favorite Pixar movies are now. Each time there is a new Pixar movie in fact, I have reconsider the favorites. I do have to admit that I didn’t enjoy Ratoutville (and probably spelled it wrong too), but I probably should watch it again.

1) Incredibles
I do have to say, that I love the dynamics of the family in this movie. The story is well-written and the animation is great. C’mon, who wouldn’t want to be a stay-at home mom like Mrs. Incredible?

2) Monsters, Inc.
I just love the inventiveness of this movie. Who would have thought of a whole world of monsters? But maybe that is because I too had several nightmares (and still do).

3) Toy Story
I feel like I am not thinking about all of the Pixar movies, but I do love this movie. This was the first movie that I didn’t mind my younger siblings watching over and over again. “Reach for the sky…”

Wall-E is probably a runner up for my favorite Pixar movies. I love the heart of this film and can buy the propaganda of the piece. As a society we do consume much more than we can ever use or process. We waste so much. Especially here in America where more is always better.

Ah…I’m already re-thinking my favorite Pixar movies…time to publish the post.