This Weekend…

…just flew by.

Friday I helped out at a seminar for Government Documents and the Web. Mostly I just tried filming each speaker. Before going I didn’t know much about Government Documents or the collection/maintaining of them, so it was a great learning experience. And I was even able to learn a couple new tips about technology. That afternoon I went to another seminar on Library Mashups, which essentially means trying to integrate users on the web with library resources. Or at least that is as much as I learned. With technology and its vast array of uses I have seen several different ideas and images of what mashedup libraries look like.

Saturday I picked up lots of books, some I may not ever read. I am most excited about getting an advance copy of John Green’s newest book Papertowns. I also managed to get John Updike’s book too. Probably getting a book signed by John Green was the highlight of the day. He was fun (whatever that means) and engaging. He even signed the six or more books that somebody had in front of me. That impressed me the most, but perhaps it was because we were still close to the front of the line. Writer’s cramp had not yet set in.

I have many thoughts about the weekend, libraries, and books, but it will have to wait. My throat is sore (from lack of sleep?) and it is making me cranky.


Tasha Tudor

                                  Perhaps not as well known as George Carlin, but last week Tasha Tudor passPumpkin moonshineed away also. She illustrated several of my favorite childhood books including A Little Princess and Secret Garden written by Frances Hodgson Burnett. Her pictures captured the innocence and awe of childhood.  NY Times wrote a wonderful obitury here. She will be missed. 

photo credit:Google Books

Natural Disasters and Libraries

Art Campus flooded

Here is a link to some pictures of University of Iowa.  There are several pictures of volunteers move items from the Special Collections area of the library to the upper stories, but still, books and water is heartbreaking.  Not as sad however as people losing their homes to the floodwaters.  So far, the library at UI is not flooded, but many other areas of the campus are flooded.  Here is the UI’s Flicker photostream and their blog with updates on the campus and flooding.

photo credit: UI Flicker

Classes for the Fall Semester

With my sister’s highschool graduation and Father’s Day it made for an exhausting weekend. Nevertheless, the time to register for classes was today; at 7 A.M. Since I am taking the classes online, SJSU has all online students register at once (or they can all begin at once at 7 A.M.). As any other student I wanted to make sure I got the classes I wanted and the only way I figured for that to happen was to get up extra early and wait on the website. At 6:59 A.M. I refreshed the “add classes” page every moment until finally the gates were open. And happily as a result, I got all the classes I wanted. Later when I checked to see if these classes were open, I found they were closed so my efforts paid off. For my first semester as a grad school MLIS student I will be taking:

1). Information and Society
2). Information Retrieval
3). Physical Makeup of Medieval Manuscripts (1 unit)
4). Medieval Manuscripts and Writing (2 units)
5). Online Social Networking: Technology and Tools (1 unit)

Obviously, I’m most excited about the Medieval Manuscripts classes. It will help the other classes not seem too awful.

The Green Man

“And the truth is that, in any version, the Hulk is a dull beast. He’s just a big angry guy; he has no soul, no oddities, no vulnerable or tender spots. King Kong and Frankenstein’s monster are Byron and Keats in comparison with the Hulk…” states the New Yorker review of the newest movie release of The Incredible Hulk

I was skeptical that The Incredible Hulk could be made any better, even if Ed Norton was the star, and my doubts have only been confirmed with the reviews I read so far by both The New Yorker and The L.A. TimesMore than likely, B and I will still try to go see it this weekend, but it may be better to save a few dollars and go during matinee with gas prices so high. 

Oh, and The Happening by Shamalayan is to be no better either.  The weekend is a bust movie-wise, but I am sure that Incredible Hulk will still bring in lots of money.

Fun Site of the Day

wrote a blog on Lookybook.  I spent probably a half hour or so just browsing through various childrens books there.  Even though they are not geared towards the reading online, just a preview to see if you want to buy the book, I can’t help but imagine adults sitting down with their laptop and child (or in front of a desktop with a child on their lap) to read a book together.  The pictures are fabulous and the breadth of collection can only grow.  Perhaps they can get Goodnight Moon or Little Bear’s Friend sometime soon.

This morning was the first time in a week that I went to Starbucks and I realized that my regular cup (either an Americano or Carmel Macchiato) costs on average just as much as a sample tin of Adagio tea. And Adagio tea gives me more lasting pleasure than Starbucks.