Throwing out books

This last weekend has been spent mostly re-organizing my room and I’m still not completed. I have come to the conclusion I have too many books (but this doesn’t stop me from bringing home at least six more books home tonight). On Thursday I was given a set of OED (Oxford English Dictionary). I was esctatic!! (see there are two exclamation points). With this gift I had to find shelf space (which I did not have) so I went out in pursuit of a new bookshelf. That took two days and while I did not get what I wanted exactly, I have new shelves and an OED resting on them.

The Library is cleaning out our reference section. We wanted to make a larger study area and since most of reference materials are online, we extensively weeded. And now I have been sifting through the weeded materials to see what is valuable and what is not. The glaring problem with reference materials is that they are always dated. Encyclopedia sets and dictionarys are useful only so long as a new edition does not come out. Some materials stay valuable no matter if a new edition comes out, but your average person is going to buy the newer material rather than the older. I did pick up a few more books than just the OED including:

Websters Geographical Dictionary
Readers Digest of Books
Cambridge Concise Bibliography of English Literature
Dictionary of English Literature by Watts
Granger’s Index to Poetry
Websters Dictionary
Rogers Theasuras
Ultimate Science Fiction Encyclopedia

There are so many other reference books I could bring home with me, except that it is easier to use the web and electronic materials, besides saving the shelf space! Currently we are trying to sell some of the material here, but with the undergraduate students gone, I don’t think we will sell much. We have so many Music reference materials (including Oxford Companion), Art materials (also including Oxford Companion), and Theater, but even if the undergradaute students were here, they wouldn’t be interested in those books. That makes me a little bit sad. On a lighter note, I was able to throw away (actually recycle) several books that were completely useless and dated (like Guinnes World Record books, College guides, Scholarship guides, etc). I didn’t feel guilty in the slightest in helping destroy these books. And I wasn’t burning them.


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