Book Sales

Last weekend was the famed annual Altadena Library Book Sale.  I have been going to this sale since I was in highschool.  When I first went years ago, I was excited to find a 18?? copy of Uncle Tom’s Cabin.  Besides being an ancient book (especially as a highschooler where anything beyond a year or two was ancient), I loved the artwork of the flowers upon the pale blue hardback.  It never fails that I can find something to be excited about.  This year I found a hard back copy of the Complete Plays and Poems of Tennyson, several books by Cormac McCarthy, a complete book of stories by Flannery O’Connor, a hardback of Inkheart by Funke, and several other books.  As with most things, some years are better than others, and this happened to be one of those.  And I didn’t get into any fights with the booksellers.  I actually was talking to a couple and what fascinated me was the fact that they would call themselves book-lovers.  Some were as one man separated his own books and the books he wanted to sell, while others you had to wonder as they grabbed only books that promised to make them a profit. 

Now it is time to start reading and for the past couple of days I keep wandering from book to book, wondering where to start.  I think I can live with this though. 


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