Alfred and Alma Hitchcock's Literary Habits

“My parents had quite a library in London, and it got even larger in the States. They had a complete collection of famous trials, novels by Somerset Maugham, plays by William Shakespeare, complete works of Jonathan Gallsworthy, John Buchan, Charles Dickens, J.M. Barrie, and George Bernard Shaw. The Shaw book collection is very special; the first volume (Immaturity) was inscribed by the author to my mother…But whether it was in England or in America, each time my father received a book or a script to consider as a potential project, he immediately gave it to my mother to read first. If she didn’t like it, it was instantly rejected. If she liked it, she would pass it on to him. Interestingly, most of my father’s films are based on existing material: novels, plays, short stories. Very few were original screenplays.”

~Pat Hitchcock O’Connell on her parents literary habits


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