LA Times Festival of Books

RedFence LA Times Festival of Books Day One

This video is my favorite from RedFence this weekend, but it is also the only one I’ve been able to see thus far.  Check it out.


The End is Near

The weekend began on Friday at the end of workshop when it was announced that I would have my workshop on Wednesday rather than Monday.  This meant I had to have a completed story to pass out on Monday.  I was not happy as Monday night was when I planned to write.  Somehow I would just have to fit in, but Friday night was left to bake pies for the party on Sunday and the weekend was LA Times Festival of Books.

On Saturday B and I went to the LA Times Festival of Books.  This year was different in two ways: 1) B was with me the entire time and 2) I actually ran into friends throughout the day.  We ended up going to the three panels, our favorite being “Imagining Other Worlds” with Cornelia Funke, Rick Riordan, and Erin Hunter.  It is a nervous thing to meet authors.  One never knows what to expect and you hope that the picture of what you believe they are is true.  Cornelia Funke was wonderful and probably my favorite.  She was friendly and sweet throughout the seminar.  I was able to learn a couple things from her, like how she would create new imaginary characters.  Sadly, I also found out that we will have to wait still for Inkheart the Movie.   Rick Riordan was surprisingly good and different from the two women.  He kept things light and entertaining.  And like in every seminar there’s the author that avoids their audience, Erin Hunter was that author who avoided being known.  She was vague and hopefully very sarcastic.  You hoped she was joking, but she never gave alternative answers.  The audience of mostly children also added a wonderful element to this seminar.  And the kids asked some great questions, though I have to wonder if Mom and Dad helped them at all. 

And I finally ended up finishing the short story for class, Monday morning the day it was due.  I tried to write something Sunday night, but I was so exhausted from Saturday and the busy day Sunday my mind couldn’t put two sentences together.  Another busy week looms ahead with TMC in the last week of classes and then Finals Week.  I will be glad for the Summer to be here. 

Weekend Notes

This last weekend my sister and I went to Santa Cruz for a much needed break.  I only wish that the break could have been longer.  Mondays are always rough, and this one especially.  I feel as though I’ve been stumbling through the day.  Thankfully, the work day is almost over. 

We went to several independent and used bookstores.  I found amazing coffee.  Everytime I take a roadtrip I like to find independent coffee shops as well.  The sad thing is that usually none of these places have good coffee.  No matter how hard I may desire it.  It is a rare delight to actually find good coffee and people who even make good drinks.  My sister even declared that her latte was made with perfection.  Book-wise I restrained myself keeping in mind that the Altadena Library Book sale will be soon.  I only bought a paperback copy of Dubliners and Lahiri’s The Namesake.   I am quite excited about The Namesake, because it is a British Harcourt edition and the colors are bright and fantastic.  Much better than the mellow earthy designs that the American publishers came up with.

All in all, I find myself still getting off of drinking coffee all day long (what’s that, water?) and waking up to see the day become beautiful through good conversations with friends.

Traveler's Song

by E.B. White

No matter how safe I lie,

Soon I must die.

No matter how warm the bed,

I will be dead —

Or how fair the sky.

Through this covered  bridge

I hold my breath,

Hoping for life,

Believing in death.

Through a covered bridge,

Wishing for love,

Holding my breath.

In the hot wayside

I sit myself down,

Slowly asprawl,

Feet, hands, and all,

Smelling the weed,

Hearing the trickle

Of earth’s blood,

Feeling the prickle.

Shall I love the world

That carries me under,

That fills me with wonder

And strikes me down

With its own thunder?

A scattered post on Poetry Month

Being that it is poetry month, I signed up the poem-a-day email from, but I felt like doing more reading on my own.  This is probably due to my independent streak and drive to always do more than others.  I have found that my knowledge of modern poetry is greatly lacking.  And I am not surprised  because in my undergraduate survey classes each time we got to the moderns I was done with the classes being that the end of the semester was close at hand.  So far this month has been greatly educational in reading poets that I have heard names of, but otherwise was unfamiliar with.  I have learned that Sylvia Plath was crazy.  Ted Hughes was amazing.  Marianne Moore is largely ambiguous.  Today I am reading E.B. White, who I usually associate with Charlotte’s Web.  I love humorous poetry and loved “To a Perfumed Lady at the Concert”, but “Traveler’s Song” is probably my favorite.  It fits the mood of the day.  I will continue to share poems I’ve read at least this month, if not more in the future.

Reading Short Stories

“Stories are not chapters of novels.  They should not be read one after another, as if they were meant to follow along.  Read one.  Shut the book.  Read something else. Come back later.  Stories can wait.”

Mavis Gallant in the introduction to her book “Collected Stories of Mavis Gallant”.  Advice I need to remember when I begin books such as these.