Vacation Time!

Last week school was let out for Christmas Break and this week the Faculty and Staff get to go on their’s.  I’m excited.  First break as an academic staff member of the school and I’m grateful for the extra time to read, write and hopefully find some adventures here locally. 



Blueprint is canned.  For sheer marketing principles, executives believe that the same market of people are attracted to their magazine Martha Stewart Weddings.  I cannot see that being one and the same.  While most young women don’t even think about designing their living spaces until they get married, I am not one of those people.  Seeing the number of books lately marketed towards young single women living on their own, I can see that I am not the only one.  Concern for a comfortable living space is not limited to newly weds.  Now, I am single so I cannot say if the concern differs when you are married (and I am sure that it does), but I cannot see myself buying Martha Stewart Weddings (or any of her other magazines frankly).  Even if it will encompass some of what Blueprint was in the past.  This is sad, but looking at the influx of magazines and blogs in this day and age, I’m sure it won’t be long until I find something new.

Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Just another place to add to my list of places to go:

Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Bibliotheca Alexandrina

From the Library Director’s words: it is just a stone’s throw away from the ancient library site of Alexandria.

“The Bibliotheca Alexandrina, a vast cultural complex rising from the shores of the Mediterranean and only a stone’s throw from the location of the ancient library of Alexandria, is a new Egyptian enterprise of international scope and ambition.”

Bibliotheca Alexandria at Night

 The whole complex at night (there are several museums and a planetarium besides just the library)

And one of inside:

 Bibliotheca Alexandrina

All of these photos are from the library’s website and I highly encourage everyone go and look at this beautiful new library:  Bibliotheca Alexandrina’s Photo Gallery

Find of the Day

Literature has to remain frustrating – to withhold something, remain incomplete – or it’s not literature anymore, but rather entertainment, edification or interpretation. That’s literature’s USP: staying unresolved, keeping its most vital messages unspoken, creating a zone of noise where everything and nothing is said at the same time.”

” But to answer your question, your first one about the detailing of material: yes, absolutely. Both books could be called ‘Men in Space‘, in the most literal, phenomenological sense: they’re both about how we inhabit space and its geometries, the circuits we cut through it, the way it inhabits us and repeats itself in us, and how we repeat ourselves in it. I’m a phenomenologist, ultimately. Space is ‘that for which room has been made’ like Heidegger says, the founding ground that allows something to begin. Space is where world worlds. And art is where space spaces, world worlds and all those other marvelous formulations he uses. My books let that happen, again and again. That’s all there is to it really: they certainly don’t have a message to deliver, or a ‘point’ to make about contemporary society.”

-Tom McCarthy in an interview at BookNinja

Grad School Application

I just mailed off the last of my application for UCLA’s MLIS program. 

Now I only have to finish San Jose State’s application and look for one more to apply to.  I decided that I like filling out application so the more to fill out the merrier.  Or, I just keep finding programs that I really like.