"Story of a Magazine"

Being closely associated with the magazine RedFence, I was very interested in this article on the story of The Atlantic.  If anything, this article made me appreciate and love that magazine all the more, but even more than that, realize the signficance and importance of magazines.  Check out the article here:  Story of a Magazine


Here we are again…

“Let us go then, you and I,

When the evening is spread against the sky…” Eliot

There is a new time for everything. Welcome to my new site which is still under development. Please update your bookmarks.

"Fire, It's a Good Thing"

Today the sky is clear. At least here in Newhall were both my job and home are at. Art from the Jack London House and RedFence sit behind my desk at work so they will not be jostled around in my car. Scout, a friend’s rat, came and visited last night. He is still enjoying my cool room. Hopefully he will be able to return home today. The fire is still raging, but it appears to be calmer then yesterday when all of Santa Clarita filled with smoke from the Agua Dulce/Buckweed fire. Fire is always an unsettling even for people and mostly because of the symbolism of a house burning and the possiblity of great change in the future. Yesterday I had to consider what I wanted to grab as my roommate and I were evacuated for ten minutes. It was a short time, but enough time to consider what books if any I should grab and what other mementoes. Thankfully most of my writing and photos are now saved electronically and online, but my childhood and highschool journals are not. Even if these fires are terrible, I am thankful for the chance to consider what is really important in life. What things should hold significance and what things I give too much significance too. Fires it’s a good thing.

Facebook for Books?

Through a friend I was introduced to GoodReads, which if I were to give a name or reference point, I would say that it was a Facebook for Books. Accounts are free and you are able to record all your books. It is different from the other popular site LibraryThing in that it gears more towards contecting with other people, whether they be on your friend list or not. Communication is the key allowing for you to recommend books and to comment on the books that your friends have read. It also has great widgets, which I have added to my site now. While Facebook offers a Visual Bookshelf application, this website offers this but at the same time it is focused only on books. I like the ability to interact with friends on a books level rather than having a little thing displayed on the Facebook page. While it is another website, it is an useful tool.

Couple of distractions

When I went to one of my favorite used bookstores in Pasadena today I was met with closed doors, dirty windows and dark interiors. There were no signs. And no warning as I was there only a month ago. Bankruptcy that quick? No. Of course not. Book Alley moved down the street, and when I arrived I was greeted with spacious interiors, chairs and numerous bookshelves instead of crowded areas stacked with books and limited bookshelves. I am happy that Book Alley was able to move and I hope this move will only increase their popularity.

Going to see Jonathan Safran Foer tomorrow in Thousand Oaks. He was mentioned in Newsweek August 20-27th (and am just now reading it…things are busy). Interesting to see that Genesis tops his favorite books list. Certainly he is only interested in as literature, but I find that intriguing.

Back to the papers, books to read, GRE to study for and statistics tests.