Highschool girls

First there was Nancy Drew, then there was the Babysitting Club, and now, well high-school girls have “Gossip Girls”. Lately I have been trying to read more children’s novels, and I overheard quite a few girls at different times talk about these books. I picked up one book and the back had this description, no kidding, “It’s Sex and City, for kids!” I have yet to read one of these books, so I will refrain from speaking anymore harsh judgment, but I can hardly think of these books as encouragement for children to read. If anything, it trains them to read the tabloids.


One thought on “Highschool girls

  1. Rachel, thanks for the comment. Phil and I developed our love of rollerblading in Santa Monica. We park at the garage by the mall for free then walk down the pier and the sidewalk down below. We usually go down to Venice. If you do, a great place to eat in Venice is C&O. It stands for Cheese & Olives and is an awesome Italian restaurant! You can look it up online if you want to go. Have fun!!!!

    By the way, a great children’s author that I really enjoyed reading and whose books grabbed the attention of some of my non-readers in 5th grade is Margaret Peterson Haddix. Definitely read “Running Out of Time” and the Shadow Children series. My class BEGGED me to continue reading more of “Running out of Time” every day. Let me know what you think if you read them.

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