Highschool girls

First there was Nancy Drew, then there was the Babysitting Club, and now, well high-school girls have “Gossip Girls”. Lately I have been trying to read more children’s novels, and I overheard quite a few girls at different times talk about these books. I picked up one book and the back had this description, no kidding, “It’s Sex and City, for kids!” I have yet to read one of these books, so I will refrain from speaking anymore harsh judgment, but I can hardly think of these books as encouragement for children to read. If anything, it trains them to read the tabloids.


To clarify the last post, this is not the last time I write about what I’ve been reading, but the last time I make a list. At least a month collectively unless I don’t update for over a month.

April Books

This is going to be the last month that I write a monthly update for the books I’ve read. One, because its a lot to write at once and Two, because its a lot to ask someone to read. So without further ado, (in spite of being deliciously filled with ice cream):

Jane Austen by Claire Tomlin.
I wrote my senior thesis on Jane Austen’s last book, Persuasion and this was one the books I may have used a resource (but never read completely). The biography was concise and not just about Jane Austen, but her family as well. This came to be tiring after some time because I didn’t read the biography to learn about Jane Austen’s family, but looking back I see that in order to even see a slight picture of Jane Austen we have too look through her family. Well-written and I look forward to even reading another biography by Claire Tomlin in the future (if there is another figure I’d be interested in). @@@

Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut.
I read this book because he passed away this last month and also because a few people have recommend this book to when I mentioned that I liked dystopia books. This book approaches dystopia different in light of World War II and I would definitely say that it is probably the least I like. Not much else to say. @@

Farewell Summer by Ray Bradbury.
I actually just completed this book yesterday, but I felt that it still falls into April. I loved it. Bradbury is poetic, as much as he may deny it. @@@@

Other books:

Song of Roland
New and Selected Poems Vol. 2 Mary Olive
Letters to a Young Poet Rilke
Moods of Future Joys Alastair Humphreys

Its been a better month…Vacation also provided a chance to read more. I read one book in just one morning.