Jury Duty

I had jury duty this week and really, if I have to compare it to anything, it really is like taking out the trash. No one enjoys doing it, but it must be done and sometimes you get to be the lucky one. Thankfully today I was not the lucky one, but it turned out it to be a miserably long day. I didn’t plan for going in first of all. I had no cash and I called in last night late. Mistake number one since I planned on taking the train there so I wouldn’t have to manuvere L.A. traffic. Mistake number two, forgetting all my snacks and water bottles in the car. I got there, starving because I didn’t eat yet (can’t eat for the first two hours of the day – just one of those quirks and remember I still had no cash because I gathered all my loose change and one dollar bill to pay for the train fare) and then tried going up eleven flights of stairs because I thought it would be brilliant. It actually turned out to be just me feeling nauseus from extremely low blood sugar. Mistake number three, bringing nothing interesting to read. I left the one book I was enjoying and almost finished with in the car while bringing three new books. I couldn’t start any of them. One was required too much thinking for a large group of people in too small of a room, and the other just had a protagonist/antagonist that I detested. The third one I had read before and was not really interested in now. So next time, hopefully in at least three years from now, I will be better prepared. The best thing about today is that it was the last courthouse I was called to before so I remember vaguely where everything was at – cafeteria, bathrooms, rules, etc; something comforting for an inconvenient and strange day.


February Book Round Up

It is not the end of March yet, so it is not too late to mention a bit about what I read last month (if I can remember – all I can see is dense fog at the moment). Since it is this late, the reviews will be slightly shorter than usual.

Best Book from February:

Lion by Martin Johnson

This book is fantastic. A must for anybody who is interested in traveling or adventures. While it is written in the 1930’s, it has many stories that can kindle interest today. Martin Johnson is both an explorer and photographer and in this book he and his wife travel around in Africa following lions. Both were fearless and inventive, which cause many crazy things to happen as they try daring and unusal stunts in trying to get pictures of the King. @@@@@

I Married Adventure by Osa Johnson

Not the best of the month, but it also was a great book and another about the Johnsons. Martin was killed in a tragic plane accident which seems to have stimulated Osa into writing. Biographies normally can be dull, but Osa’s description of her late husband and her’s adventurous life has none of the sleepy vocabulary. Her account may be a little glowing, but what can be expected when a woman writes a biography of her own husband? @@@@

Other books read in February:

Four Loves by C.S. Lewis @@@

Till We Have Faces by C.S. Lewis @@@@@

February Books

This is to say that I have not forgotten nor have I gotten lazy, but there is just not enough daylight in the day to do all the tasks on the eternally long to-do list. Hopefully should have it by this weekend, but with four family birthdays it may take just a little longer.