Twas the Night Before Pay Day

And here’s a link that I have found very useful and love greatly.

The BookSaleFinder for anyone who is in the USA. For all of those who love the feel of the sandy-paper in old books, or just love to build a library of their own as massive as the one in Alexandria, then look here at this site. Not only are there sales for certain dates, but it will also tell you the best ones to go to and the ones that have sales continuously. Be forewarned, if you haven’t previously had the habit of used book sale buying, beware it is addictive. Too easily is it to fall into this deceptive and yet so delightful snare.

And once you have bought several books, so many that you cannot keep track of them any longer – then look at this site “The Library Thing“. Here for free (up to 200 books) you can catalog and list all the books you own. It can be a reference for you and also a tool as it has discussion threads for the books listed as well. Continually they are adding new library listings to their sites so if you think you have an obscure book, you may still find it here somewhere online. If you happen to have more than 200 books (like me), you can pay a minimal fee to add as many more as you like for a year membership or a lifetime membership for another minimal fee. A great value and you’ll never have to worry when the last time it was you backed-up your library excel file.

happy reading!



Traveling has been always dreams and not until recently have I been able to act upon them. I am always dreaming and checking out plane tickets online. Then I look at the vacation points I have earned at work. Is it possible to go for longer than two weeks? Currently I am planning on a trip next summer hopefully. If I had any doubts as to whether or not I should, if I should do the “irresponsible” thing and go no matter what, my fears have been settled by a post by Andy at his blog, Hobotraveler. I cut and pasted it below, because getting people to link sometimes is next to asking them to loan you any money. So read it and then go read his blog, regularly and be inspired:

“Manila Reruns
Manila Philippines Southeast Asia
Wednesday, December 27, 2006
There are people that return to the exact same tourist destination every year. I personally have returned to a few places, some many times, call it my vacation from vacation. However, I am aware of this, as there is a traveler’s creed that says, never go back, and never follow the same path, no round trip tickets. We are supposed to go and see the new, never experience reruns of old movies.Good, bad, and real, the real situation is somewhere in my Hobo search for money, the lost Hobo going from place to place, looking for temporary jobs, day jobs, begging, finding a way to survive, is we need to make compromises. The glamour of travel, is travel, the reality is I need money, everyone needs money.I am amused when I hear colleagues, partners in crime, persons who desire to be long-term, never-go-home-travelers. I presently know and can list four persons who somewhat wish to travel indefinitely. The four of them have one characteristic in common, they refuse to compromise their travel plans to earn enough money to continue to travel. They also plan their travel; this is an earmark of a person that is planning to go home.Why do you need to plan, it is endless?Ok, traveler or tourist, most are tourist and will leave the game and return to a job.When, they talk with me, they do not like what I say, I say,- Make some money. -I am older, I know the compromise is life, the life of being a kid will end, Peter Pan, over the rainbow, delusional ideas of endless summer do end. I want them to be Hoboes. I want them to be tramps, bums, and vagabonds. A person that cannot stay at a job, loses a job, and ends up working temporary jobs all their lives. I want them to make some small compromises so they can continue to travel and not return to that endless rerun of a job they quit.CITY PARKING LOTSSomewhere in the USA, everywhere on the planet, some man in a truck is driving into a parking lot, he gets out of the truck, says,- Who what to pick strawberries? — 40 Dollars per day. -The man makes an offer that is an insult to a person with money, but to the man who needs the work.- They compromise their values.-Throw them lofty, I want this; I want that out windows, I want enough money to survive, they get into the back of the truck, and they earn the minimal amount of money to survive.I do reruns to Manila, it is my vacation compromise, or was, a place where I can go from one hour per day on the internet, to a 24-hour work in an internet café. I compromise my traveler’s value system of never returning to watch a rerun, so I can earn enough money to continue to travel.I have to work to travel, a traveler works, a tourist does not work. A traveler must make a compromise of tourist; find a way to earn enough money to stay.Bangkok Thailand is where I save money on plane tickets, Manila is like an office to me, where I do concentrated work on the internet, upload, download the big bandwidth.It is a temporary job; it is how I make the compromise to continue to travel. I can fly direct and pay too much; however, I fly to Bangkok buy a cheaper ticket. A non-stop flight is not my idea of travel, it a tourist concept, only pleasure. I take the five-stop plane ticket to save any amount of money.GOING TO THE OFFICE EVERYDAY9-5, going to work everyday is what makes money.It is endless runs, one day, some people say, take this job and shove it.I suppose this is the cathartic value of a diary, I eventually work my brain to the bottom line. Manila has or is becoming an endless reruns, and on the plane I thought, Thailand with the GPRS cell phone connection is better internet.The value of Manila is negligible now, both from tourist view, and from a temporary job view. It is just a short-term place to visit and comfortable.What is great, I saw a path; an explorer looks for a path. I am looking for paths presently to North Asia, Japan, Korea, and other small expensive places. I look for cheap paths, it is easy to find a path, but to find the budget path is difficult. I will find it.The travel agents will not tell.I learned that Cebu Pacific flies to Korea from Manila, maybe an easy way to travel to Korea cheap.In a ways Asia is the same as Europe, I can go to a city, and then take any flight, LCC to anywhere that is less than 75 US Dollars. This to me is a traveler’s mode of travel.I think today, this morning, I will do this; I will get on Cebu Pacific and buy any plane ticket that is too cheap, going somewhere in Philippines. I think this is actually the best way to travel the Philippines, get a one-way ticket to anywhere in Philippines than take a land path back, never take the same path, no reruns.The compromise is you have to transit.” Andy – a site of avant-garde films that show the entire movie to get the word out and hopefully even to interest you in buying these movies to show them to your friends.

My first pick to see is a documentary on Borges – which includes interviews with the man himself. All I need now is 47 minutes to watch it.

Morning after

To start off the holidays on the right foot this year I went out and bought the “White Christmas” DVD from Starbucks this morning. Normally I would avoid buying any sort of media from Starbucks except for the occasional cup of coffee or tea, but this DVD promised the original soundtrack as well as the movie. Finding the soundtrack should be paralleled with finding a four-leaf clover. For a few years now I have been looking for the original soundtrack. Not a remake from after the movie or just a couple of the songs on a compilation, I wanted the prize. And did the soundtrack deliver all that I could have expected? Yes (especially after having to get up early this morning to go to work when everyone else I knew was still sleeping – enjoying their four day weekend). The only problem is not humming or singing along with the soundtrack. Especially as I would not want to stir the midnight-cemetery atmosphere that is resting on the office here; never has it been so quiet here. And I think that even a sigh would cause the spirits to rise in anger. Working the day after Thanksgiving is obviously not a natural event.

I made up most of my Christmas shopping list today too and surprisingly there are not many books that I have for people, which means I get to use my Borders rewards me and me alone. And this was not intentional, but I am so very thankful.

Perils of Publishing too Early?

Take it as you may – as I call it – the Perils of Publishing Too Early. I find that it is true, there are going to be trials abounding once you begin to first start publishing, but these will come no matter how old you may be at the time. Even if you are 50, you still may not be well equipped to encounter the new struggles that publishing will bring. Same can be applied to those who decide on a career change. Change will always be accompanied by hardships that no one can rightly expect. So expect hardships, don your battle axe, and start fighting.