Gathering Blue

“Gathering Blue” is a children’s book, to answer the question off the bat, written by Lois Lowry. I read “The Giver” sometime in my education, and just last week read “The Messenger”. If anyone is not aware, there are several books revolving around the world that Lois Lowry creates in her book “The Giver”. Messenger far surpassed my expectations. A children’s book, yes, but it had one of those timeless aspects that even adults can enjoy. A well-written story to boot and so I ran off to Borders and bought the next book. I wanted to read ‘Gossamer’ but ended up with “Gathering Blue” as it was the only one available. And just finishing it, I will have to say that I am rather dissapointed. The most tragic flaw I see in this story is that there is not much of a conclusion. While it does run into the story in “The Messenger”, it does not provide a well-written background to the book. The characters are barely thrown together and the story is not even resolved. Kira stays with the town that is sick, but there is no apparent solution except that she thinks that she will be able to help heal the town. How she is going to do it is never told. The book is supposed to be about pain and how to be strong, but this theme is never well developed nor explored, even for a children’s book it should be thought about some by the main character (especially as this is written for upper elementary children), it is just stated “Pain hurts, but it can also be your strength.”


Check out this website, The Friday Project. Its the first online publishing company and it has some great books and media. I am already in the middle of “Blood Sweat and Tea” written by an EMT in London who just shares his experiences. Well-written and down to life, I now feel like I just have a small sliver of a picture of his life. Not meant to be much of anything profound, but a sharing of experience and his views on helping people in London.


Slow Mornings and Lightning

Its a slow morning, which is fine for me. Waiting on projects to come to me so then there’ll be more to do.

Realized that I rarely read any poetry, especially any modern poets, which is rather sad. If I want to be a poet, and a good one at that, then I really should lessen the amount of fiction I read and read more poetry. One common thing about fiction and poetry today (and not looking back to any previous years or era) is that it is hard to find good writing. Its easy to be bitter or write about sex and then be famous for the way you do it. Any person can write a bitter poem about their life or about the sex they’ve had or not had. Does this really make a poet though, especially if its everywhere or so easy?

Link Fun

Today Time Magazine posted an article on the top 50 Websites, and some of these websites are seriously fun. I easily was distracted at work for quite a few minutes before remembering where I was at and what I should be doing. My favorite thus far (and I heard this on the radio coming to work this morning, so its the only website I know enough to blog a little about) is Zunafish. I have looked, and have an account, on FrugalReader, but it never struck my fancy. I’ve heard few raves about it, but I wasn’t finding the joy about it. But perhaps that was due to the fact that I did not see anything I wanted or even thought about reading. Zunafish offers much more variety of mediums, rather than just books it has DVDS and Music even. It does ask for a dollar for every trade, but seriously, who would mind paying a dollar when they’re trading for something they enjoy? So check out, the article and check out Zunafish.